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Diawa Daiwa Hydrolastic

Daiwa Hydrolastic

Hydrolastic is the award winning revolutionary concept in pole elastic. It offers a multi phase performance delivering a wide scale of ratings within...

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Drennan Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee

Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee

Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee is rated 4–6, making it the ideal shock absorber for sil­ver­fish such as roach, perch and bream as well as small F1s....


Drennan Drennan Bullnose PTFE Bushes

Drennan Bullnose PTFE Bushes

Drennan bullnose pole bushes are universal and can fit any pole, the 3 larger bushes are suitable for larger diameter carp poles. To fit, cut pole...

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Drennan Drennan Carp Bungee Elastic

Drennan Carp Bungee Elastic

Carp bungee is a tubular twin walled pole elastic with a hollow core and a highly visible fluorescent outer. It has excellent stretch and recovery...

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Drennan Drennan Connector Beads

Drennan Connector Beads

These Drennan connector beads have been designed to be used with the Drennan bungee elastic and the Drennan bungee bushes, but they will adapt to...

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Drennan Drennan Dacron Connectors

Drennan Dacron Connectors

A light­weight altern­ative to the tra­di­tional, plastic elastic con­nector. These light­weight Dacron Connectors fea­ture a braided material that...

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Drennan Drennan Pull Bung

Drennan Pull Bung

The tapered cone can be cut back to fit inside your pole section to the appropriate depth. Two different sizes of Drennan toggle beads are provided...


Drennan Drennan Slick Elastic Lubricant

Drennan Slick Elastic Lubricant

Slick Lubricant is a must for smooth, trouble-free fish playing. It provides a micro film which literally makes the elastic feel polished and slick....

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Drennan Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes

Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes

These bungee bushes are shaped to match up with Polemaster Bungee Connectors. Made from 100% pure whits P.T.F.E they are super slick, improving...

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Drennan Drennan Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes

Drennan Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes

These 100% pure white PTFE internals are extra slick and provide an elongated slippery tube section right at the pole tip. This extra working length...

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