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Drennan Drennan Hook Ups

Drennan Hook Ups

Hook Ups and Depth Marker Bands are essential items of pole fishing equipment. Hook Ups allow you to keep your pole rig safely on your top kit when...


Drennan Drennan Inline Olivettes

Drennan Inline Olivettes

These Drennan In-Line Olivettes are silicone lined through their central bore to prevent line damage. Their weighting extremely precise and is very...

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Drennan Drennan Olivettes

Drennan Olivettes

These Drennan Olivettes are supplied with a length of silicone tubing. Two short lengths of the tubing are placed on the line and the olivette is...

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Drennan Drennan Pole Anchors

Drennan Pole Anchors

Polemaster anchors have extra long life durability to retain their elasticity and have a special soft stretch property so you can minimise the...

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Drennan Drennan Pole Float Silicone

Drennan Pole Float Silicone

Pole Float Silicone comes in four different diameters and consists of two pre-cut sizes of silicone tubing in each pack. Supplied with both black and...

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Drennan Drennan Pole Pots

Drennan Pole Pots

A set of two pole pots in either aqua or black complete with two adaptors for fitting to the end of a cupping kit. These pole pots are rigid, tough...

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Guru Guru Paste Pots

Guru Paste Pots

Guru Paste Pots A new additionto the Pole Pot range, especially designed for paste fishing! Larger in size, without being too big and cumbersome,...


Guru Guru Pole Float Silicone

Guru Pole Float Silicone

Premium quality, these compliment the range perfectly! Extra-strong, but staying soft and manageable, these will not damage your line or affect...

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Guru Guru Pole Pots

Guru Pole Pots

New pole pots from the guys at Guru. Just when you thought that pole pots could not get any better! •Two pots and four lids per pack. •Two different...

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Guru Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups

Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups

•These allow you to quickly change out your bait container sizes without going through the usual hassle. Simply clip into your chosen pot size using...


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