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Drennan Drennan Apron Towel

Drennan Apron Towel

This hard wearing and durable Apron Towel has an adjustable clip and is extremely useful.


Drennan Drennan Bait Drill

Drennan Bait Drill

This 1.3mm diameter bait drill is perfect for making neat holes in a variety of hard or semi hard baits like pellets, nuts or boilies.


Drennan Drennan Bait Needle

Drennan Bait Needle

This Drennan bait needle has an ultra smooth crook head which does not damage or fray the hair loop. It's tapered shaft allows the hair loop to be...


Drennan Drennan Bait Seal Boxes Aqua

Drennan Bait Seal Boxes Aqua

Bait Seal Boxes each features a solid ‘bait seal’ lid, which is ideal for storing pellets and other particle baits. Long-established as the most...

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Drennan Drennan Bait Waiter

Drennan Bait Waiter

The ever-popular Bait Waiter has stood the test of time as one of the most practical seatbox accessories ever produced. The Bait Waiter accom­modates...


Drennan Drennan Band Puller

Drennan Band Puller

The Drennan Band Puller is a great aid for baiting up with a mul­ti­tude of hair-rigged hook baits. The handy tool enables you to securely mount...


Drennan Drennan Barrel Swivels

Drennan Barrel Swivels

Barrel Swivels are an essential item of terminal tackle which can be used for a variety of uses. They are available in four sizes, 18, 14, 11 and 9....

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Drennan Drennan Big Grippa Stops

Drennan Big Grippa Stops

Big Grippa Stops are a new larger size of the popular tapered rubber float stops which hold position on the line exceptionally well. The bulbous end...


Drennan Drennan Braid & Mono Scissors

Drennan Braid & Mono Scissors

Braid & Mono Scissors have hardened stainless steel blades and are ideal for all monofilaments, fluorocarbons and braids. They have an efficient...


Drennan Drennan Disgorgers

Drennan Disgorgers

A disgorger helps to safely and efficiently unhook fish and is an essential item that every angler should carry. The Range: Micro Match Specimen...

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