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Lines, Braids & Hooklinks

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Avid Carp Avid Carp Pindown Braided Hooklink 20lb

Avid Carp Pindown Braided Hooklink 20lb

Pindown Braided Hooklink 20lb The most supple hooklink we’ve ever produced. Made using Outline camouflage PTFE fibres. Fast sinking and highly...


Avid Carp Avid Carp Pindown Unleaded Leader 50lb

Avid Carp Pindown Unleaded Leader 50lb

Pindown Unleaded Leader 50lb The Pin Down Leader is the most supple Leader Material you will ever use. Made using our unique Outline PTFE fibres,...


Berkley Berkley XTS Line

Berkley XTS Line

This new premium mono from Berkley has been specifically to tackle the hardest of fighting fish. Primarily aimed at the Uk specimen market, this line...

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Diawa Daiwa Sensor Bulk Line

Daiwa Sensor Bulk Line

This is without doubt the number one monofil in the UK. It has scooped multiple awards, landed two British record carp and is popular with anglers...

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ESP ESP Anchor Braid

ESP Anchor Braid

A special combination of Dyneema and heavyweight fibres make this braid incredibly dense and supple whilst offering excellent knot strength. The...

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ESP ESP Ghost Fluorocarbon

ESP Ghost Fluorocarbon

- Available in: 10lb 4.5kg 12lb 5.5kg 15lb 6.9kg 18lb 8.2kg - Pure fluorocarbon not just a fluorocarbon coating. With the same light refractive index...

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ESP ESP Shock Braid

ESP Shock Braid

- When long range casting with big leads or spods it's safer and more efficient to use 45lb E-S-P shock braid as a leader. - The optimum length for a...


ESP ESP Snycro XT Loaded Mainline

ESP Snycro XT Loaded Mainline

Following its launch in 2011, the original ESP Syncro XT mono has grown to become one of the most widely used and well respected top end mainlines...

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ESP ESP Spod & Marker Braid

ESP Spod & Marker Braid

- Tough, durable, ultra smooth and limp low diameter dyneema braid for distance casting which floats for easy line management and retrieve - Spod and...


ESP ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament

ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament

- Available in15lb (6.8kg), 20lb (9.1kg), 25lb (11.4kg) - 20m spools - Excellent abrasion resistance - Super high knot strength - Low visibility...

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