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Indicators, Hangers & Bobbins

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Delkim Delkim ES Indication Set

Delkim ES Indication Set

The ES Indication Set comprises of two products – The ES NiteLite Pro and the ES DuoCarb which are designed to be used attached together in all...

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Delkim Delkim Nitelite Pro Illuminating Hangers

Delkim Nitelite Pro Illuminating Hangers

The Delkim NiteLite Pro™ Illuminating Hanger evolved from the original NiteLite and took three years of intensive development and field testing to...

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Delkim Delkim Slimlite Indication Set

Delkim Slimlite Indication Set

After an intensive design and field testing programme the SlimLite Indication Set is the most technically advanced visual indication system that we...

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ESP ESP Barrel Bobbins

ESP Barrel Bobbins

The highly versatile Barrel Bobbin kits include everything required to provide excellent bite indication in most carp fishing situations. Available...

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ESP ESP Bobbin Isotope

ESP Bobbin Isotope

Also available are super bright isotopes designed to fit the slot in the Barrel Bobbin. These are sleeved in a clear PVC tube which not only protects...


ESP ESP Metal Head Bobbin

ESP Metal Head Bobbin

For long range specialists, there is also a stainless Metal Head bobbin. This interchanges with coloured the Barrel Bobbins and weighs 15g and with...


Fox Fox Black Label Adjustable Rod Clips

Fox Black Label Adjustable Rod Clips

Designed for fishing bow-string tight lines with quiver style indicators Adjustable tensioning dial to accommodate low diameter monofilament and...


Fox Fox Black Label Isotopes

Fox Black Label Isotopes

Designed to fit Black Label Mini Swinger Enables your indicator head to have a subtle glow in the dark/low light 2mm x 15mm, 2mm x 12mm & 3mm x 25mm...

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Fox Fox Black Label Mini Swingers

Fox Black Label Mini Swingers

Key Features Based on the design of the iconic Fox Swinger MK3 But now with a shorter arm (45mm less) Reduced head size (40% smaller) Features a...

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Fox Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin Clip

Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin Clip

The Slik Clip is also available separately should you wish to build your own indicator from the CIS range or if you already own a standard Black...

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