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Fox Fox EDGES Bolt Bubbles

Fox EDGES Bolt Bubbles

Streamlined, pear drop Bubble floats which cast long distances andprovide a pronounced bolt effect to taking fish. Bolt Bubbles aredesigned to sit...

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Fox Fox EDGES Exocet Controller Floats

Fox EDGES Exocet Controller Floats

Stubby shape designed to reduce diving on impact with water Features flat faces to increase the bolt effect and improve hooking. Removable body...

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Fox Fox Exocet Marker Float Kit

Fox Exocet Marker Float Kit

The ultimate marker float that has been designed for casting long distances and is also incredibly buoyant too Two-part moulded body that has been...


Fox Fox Impact Spods

Fox Impact Spods

Having looked at the bait delivery devices currently available on the market our product design team at Fox believed that there was still room for...

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Korda Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Pack

Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Pack

Marker Float Pack - Incredibly robust marker float kit - DropZone Marker float is super-buoyant - Flights are interchangeable - Spare flights...

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Korda Korda Interceptor Surface Controller Floats

Korda Interceptor Surface Controller Floats

Surface Floats - Super buoyant - Specially designed low-vis colouration - Larger sizes are ideal for ultimate long range surface fishing - Available...

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Korda Korda Marker Float

Korda Marker Float

Key Features Made from high quality balsa wood A shorter version of the SLR Marker Float Perfect for ranges up to 100 yards Thin diameter and...


Korda Korda Marker Stem

Korda Marker Stem

Perfect for fishing in weedy conditions when popping up a marker float would otherwise be a struggle. The ceramic ring allows the mainline to run...


Korda Korda Mini Skyliner Spod

Korda Mini Skyliner Spod

Korda's long awaited Mini Version of the market leading Skyliner spod. The Mini Skyliner can be used on a standard carp rod without requiring a...

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Korda Korda Skyliner Spod MkII

Korda Skyliner Spod MkII

MKII Skyliner - Casts further than anything in its class - Loses very little feed out of the back - Is less affected by cross winds - Dumps the load...


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