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Controllers, Markers & Spods

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Fox Fox Exocet Controller Floats

Fox Exocet Controller Floats

Stubby shape designed to reduce diving on impact with water Features flat faces to increase the bolt effect and improve hooking. Removable body...

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Fox Fox Exocet Marker Float & Kit

Fox Exocet Marker Float & Kit

The Exocet Marker Float is a new addition to the Fox Marker Float range and offer unrivalled durability, buoyancy and performance. It have been made...

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Fox Fox Impact Spods

Fox Impact Spods

Having looked at the bait delivery devices currently available on the market our product design team at Fox believed that there was still room for...

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Fox Fox Micro Marker Float Kit

Fox Micro Marker Float Kit

This Marker Kit contains all the components required to create a highly sensitive and versatile plumbing set up. Micro Markers have been designed to...


Fox Fox Micro Marker Floats

Fox Micro Marker Floats

The Fox Micro Marker has been designed to locate subtle undulations and features in the lakebed at close to medium range, with leads in the 2-3oz...


Korda Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Kit

Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Kit

This dedicated Marker Kit contains all the componenets required to assemble an advanced marker float set up enabling tangle free, long range...


Korda Korda Dropzone Marker Floats

Korda Dropzone Marker Floats

Marker floats are a massive part of our armoury and finding particular spots can often be the difference between a red-letter day and a blank....


Korda Korda Mini Skyliner Spod

Korda Mini Skyliner Spod

Korda's long awaited Mini Version of the market leading Skyliner spod. The Mini Skyliner can be used on a standard carp rod without requiring a...

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Korda Korda Skyraider Spods

Korda Skyraider Spods

Korda Skyraider Spod is a purpose built distance casting bait rocket which the Korda Team has designed specifically for spodding at ultra long range....

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Korda Korda Skywinder Spod

Korda Skywinder Spod

The SkyWinder is a modified version of the legendary SkyRaider. Designed to be used as a boilie rocket or to deliver maggots at range with reduced...


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