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Preston Innovations Hollo Elastic


Hollo, the first complete system for anglers who prefer to use hollow elastic. The quality and reliability of the Preston ranges available make Prestons market leaders in elastication and elastic accessories .

Manufactured from the very highest raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards, Hollo Elastic delivers trouble-free, consistent performance.

Hollo Elastic comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag that ensures it stays in perfect condition.

Available in 6 different strengths to accomodate for all aspects of pole fishing.

NEW FOR 2016!

Size 7 Hollo, perfect for a wide range of species and venues. Ideal for commercial silverfish such as skimmers, bream, and winter F1 fishing. Equally effective on lakes, canals and rivers for smaller species like roach, perch, bream, etc.

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  • Manufactured by: Preston Innovations

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