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Preston Innovations Super Pellet Pump


Designed by match fishing legend Andy Findlay the Super Pellet Pump offers a quick and easy solution to preparing expander pellets; the ultra-compact design allows you to prepare perfect soft hookbaits in under 30 seconds!

Step by Step User Guide:

Step 1: Remove plunger and add any quantity of pellets up to the line marked 'Max. Pellets'

Step 2: Replace plunger and push down until the pellets are lightly compressed, ensure locking collar is securely in place.

Step 3: Flip open the seal cap and by retracting the plunger, draw water up to the line marked "Max. Water'

Step 4: There will be a small amount of air between the plunger and the water line, push this excess air out of the pump.

Step 5: Close the seal cap with your thumb and pull the plunger up to the top, repeating 3-5 times to ensure that all pellets have sunk

Step 6: Open the seal cap to allow air back in to the pump

Step 7: Unlock the locking collar, remove the plunger fully and empty contents into a bait box where the now sinking pellets can soften fully in water

The Super Pump is perfect for 2mm, 4mm and 6mm expander pellets

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  • Manufactured by: Preston Innovations

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