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Dynamite Baits Super Fishmeal Nuggets


Super Fishmeal Nuggets

A form of pellet that have been designed for commercial match fishing. A highly visible and extremely durable hook bait with a unique texture that means the bait is hard enough to be used with a bait band but soft enough too hook directly or hair rig.

Made from a combination of high quality premium fishmeals, amino acids and feed inducing triggers taken from the fish farming industry. Although initial created for carp they have proved equally popular for f1ís and skimmers, you can even cut them to make them even smaller!

The amino's and attractors will being to escape when they make contact with water, while the actual pellet itself will begin to breakdown after 30 minutes or so.

There are four varieties in the range, both Pop-Up and Slow Sinking versions are available in a mix of two colours, Yellow/Red and White/Brown.

The Pop-Up Nuggets are ideal for match style zig rigs, using as a buoyant hookbait on the feeder or bomb even for surface fishing!

Slow Sinking Nuggets cover most situations a commercial lake can throw at you! Perfect for fishing on the pellet waggler, pole, bomb, feeder.. whether it be hooking directly or hair rigging!

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