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Dave Harrell Alloy Stem No1 Shallow Water Stick Floats



SIZES: 2No4, 3No4, 4No4, 5No4, 6No4, 7No4, 8No4

This range of short top and bottom floats is perfect for fast flowing shallow water where buoyancy and visibility are important. 
Its the pattern to use close in on shallow big rivers and also on swift flowing smaller streams and can be used with a bulk shot or strung out shotting pattern. 
The highly visible tip of this float means that you can see it a long way down the swim and the buoyancy means you can fish with the bait tripping the river bed without the float constantly dragging under.

TOP 3mm to 8mm mixed
BASE 1mm

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  • Manufactured by: Dave Harrell Angling

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