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Dave Harrell No3 Heavy Base Stick Floats



SIZES: 2No4, 3No4, 4No4, 5No4, 6No4, 7No4, 8No4

This brand new, unique design features a 2mm aluminium heavy base and a much slimmer body profile than the No2 model.
We field-tested many prototypes of this float on rivers like the Trent and Severn before we got the body and stem lengths perfectly matched.
Best used with a strung out shotting pattern, using No8 or No6 shots all the way up the line to within a few inches of the float base. Done this way, casting is effortless and the heavy base makes control easy.

TOP 3mm to 4mm (from
mixed pack)
BASE 1.5mm

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  • Manufactured by: Dave Harrell Angling

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