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Avid Arctic 50 Winter Suit



The Arctic 50 suit comprises of two thermal garments, a jacket and salopettes. The luxurious fleece inner featured in both garments boasts unparalleled warmth and comfort even in the coldest of conditions. Velcroed cuffs throughout allow you to alleviate any drafts that may make you uncomfortable and cold. The 20,000mm Ripstop outer material is incredibly durable, so you can be safe in the knowledge knowing that you’re staying dry regardless of the weather. The hood also features fleece lining to increased insulation and keep your head warm even in the worst of winter conditions.

The Salopettes feature the same fabric and waterproof rating as the jacket throughout, so needn’t worry about getting damp and cold.

Reinforced knee and rear panels make high wearing areas stand the test of time.

The ankles feature Velcro cuffs to ensure mud and water doesn’t ruin your stay during adverse weather.

20000mm Ripstop material
Breathable whilst still remaining waterproof
Velcroed cuff on sleeves and ankles
Stylish detailing and Avid branding
Comfortable sizing allows for maximum comfort
Drop Hem cut on the rear of the jacket reduces unwanted drafts
Internal pockets for housing phones and valuables
Fully Zipped pockets
Handwarmer pockets

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  • Manufactured by: Avid Carp

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