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Drennan Quilted Waterproof Jacket



The Drennan Quilted Jacket is constructed with the same quality and attention to detail as the standard Drennan Jacket, plus an additional lining for extra protection in colder temperatures.

This modern garment is incredibly water resistant, highly breathable and very comfortable to wear.

A high 25,000mm rating ensures it is both rainproof and waterproof under very high pressure. The 10,000g breathability rating also ensures body moisture can escape for increased comfort.

The additional quilted lining provides extra warmth without adversely hindering movement; allowing you to fish comfortably in the coldest of weather.

Made from rip-stop fabric, all garments are of an exceptional quality, cut and fit.

Available in seven sizes from Small to XXXXL.

◾25,000mm waterproof
◾10,000g breathable
◾Quilted thermal lining
◾Tough rip-stop fabric
◾Elasticated adjustable waist
◾Adjustable, lined, Neoprene cuffs
◾Durable YKK zip with rain flap
◾Handwarmer pockets
◾Zipped internal security pockets
◾Smart fitted cut
◾Seven sizes from Small to XXXXL

Approximate chest sizes:
◾Small 40-42in (102-107cm)
◾Medium 42-44in (107-113cm)
◾Large 44-46in (113-118cm)
◾XL 46-48in (118-123cm)
◾XXL 48-50in (123-127cm)
◾XXXL 52-54in (133-138cm)
◾XXXXL 54-56in (138-142cm)

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  • Manufactured by: Drennan

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