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Gardner Medic Plus


Gardner’s improved formula ‘Medic Plus’ is a scientifically developed one-step antiseptic gel designed for the treatment of sores, ulcers, hook holds, tears or any other external injuries.

This medicated anti-bacterial and anti-fungal gel is manufactured to protect and treat areas from bacterial infection and aid the fish in healing. Medic Plus is ideal for treatment of all freshwater fish and is perfectly safe for application to all parts of the fish – mouth and body.

Directions for use:

Generously apply Medic Plus to any affected areas with the brush provided.
Gently brush the gel into the affected area.
As soon as Medic Plus has been applied you can release the fish back into the water.
Here at Gardner Tackle we firmly believe that, as anglers, we owe it to the fish that we catch that we really look after them and that this should extend beyond just using a wet unhooking mat.
Medic Plus is the most affordable carp and coarse fish all in one anti-bacterial product on the fishing market today.

Avoid contact with eyes.
Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

*We recommend that Medic Plus is stored out of direct sunlight.

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  • Manufactured by: Gardner

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