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Korda Kama Kote Anti-Corrosion Hook Point Compound


The Kama Kote is an anti-corrosion hook point compound, designed to complement our Kamakura hook range perfectly. This small addition to your tackle box will ensure you are protecting your hook points from corrosion so that your super sharp hooks stay in perfect condition.

This specifically made product is not petroleum based and is both odourless and transparent in water. It has excellent water resistance, remaining on the hook point for longer.

“If you’re a hook sharpener or use the Kamakura hooks then you’ll know that sharpened hooks corrode once submerged, often losing their initial edge. Kamukura hooks are not as prone to this under water corrosion due to the ultra-smooth almost polished finish, but both will benefit from a light application of Kama Kote. Unlike standard Vaseline it is totally odourless and forms a barrier between the water and steel that keeps hooks in tip top condition while they lay in wait for “their” moment” Darrell Peck

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  • Manufactured by: Korda

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