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Daiwa Interlastic Pulling No. 3 Section


The benefit of a power kit where you can pull the elastic to increase the tension on a running fish is now a must have feature.
There are various suitable versions but none like Interlastic. The twin holes allow one important option; you can locate a winder bung allowing you to store more of your valuable Hydrolastic in place. This will let you adjust the elastic when wear begins to show allowing you to get extended like from the lacy.
Designed with a reinforced wall the handling position is ideal, leaving room for the bung to sit inside, just below the last hole.

When purchasing on its own, the Interlastic No.3 section allows you to transfer your current Daiwa top kits to an Interlastic kit.

Fits a wide range of past and present Daiwa Poles.

RRP - 54.99

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Interlastic top 2 and top 3 kits also available.

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  • Manufactured by: Diawa

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 January, 2012.

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