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Marukyu JPz Ebi Hook Pellets

JPz are a hookbait formula that is absolutely unique to Marukyu. They also just happen to be one of the most versatile hookbaits on the market today. They can be side hooked, hair rigged, spiked or banded and no matter how you fish them the results are outstanding.
The natural nutrients and amino acids packed into these baits make them absolutely irresistible to fish.

So what are JPz?
It’s a ‘pellet’ that looks and feels like jelly but with totally
different characteristics
No grain composition means JPz will not split when
hooked making them easier to use
Can be hair-rigged, side hooked, banded or spiked
The soft texture does not impede the hook when striking
Does not fall off on the cast because of the in-built
Controlled attractant release
Multi-ingredient formula means they are rich and complex
All-temperature features to ensure maximum effectiveness
in warm and cold water conditions
Can be cut to suit hook sizes without affecting performance

JPz Ebi

JPz Ebi are red in colour. They have a naturally salty formulation that is composed from multiple ingredients, including huge numbers of minute marine crustaceans that are highly attractive to fish. Ebi JPz are packaged in resealable pots to ensure that they can be used economically and have long-life effectiveness. They have proven to be successful year round – and have resulted in some tremendous catches throughout the country.
Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

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  • Manufactured by: Marukyu

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